Tuesday, August 23, 2005

if i don't have this i'll die

This tiny (4 gram) remote control airplane from Plantraco, called the Butterfly, is $240.
watch this video of a lucky nerd flying it around his house
i hate him so much
i want it!
everyone should email my wife and tell her that she should buy it for me
and Will, he may be only 15 months old but i'm sure he'll like it
damn you all
i need this plane

I am always finding news and exciting reasons to hate Utah

About 90 person swat team broke up a rave party an hour outside of Salt Lake City, 11:30 p.m. Saturday
i think that utah is in the 3rd circle of hell
not that i go to rave parties but utah has managed to outlaw every kind of fun
i guess the mormon commercials are right and they are a bunch of clean cut middle class white people who helped their neighbours paint fences

this is a secret code i drew