Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Here's a gallery of awful food
like the bologna biscuits and hot dog macaroni

oh and someone tell that whore betty crocker
that santa is not in the klan and the north
pole doesn't belong to the USA
Its Canada's you cake eatin' byatch!

Finally! An adult Giant Squid has been caught
alive on camera
for the first time. Together we will
rule the sea and devour everyone!!

giant squid are awesome, in 2003 one attacked
a french boat
that's another thing we have in common

in my post called Fun things to look at i listed the gallery of monster toys, specifically the terrible snowman doll
now some jerk took my link and submitted it to boing boing and is acting like he's hot shit
just so you know you all get the cool stuff here first
everyone else is a muppet molesting slave owning rapist