Tuesday, November 29, 2005


sweet jeebus this is a great collection

1975 board game called Oil War

American Intervention in the Persion Gulf
Oil War is a simulation on a brigade/squadron level of a hypothetical attempt by the Uniteds States and various other nations to take over the oil-producig areas of the Middle East. The simulation is primarily of land and air conflict. The game covers an arbitrary period of conflict (sixteen days), in which the issue would be decided. A total of three scenarios are available from which the Players may choose.

that kind of nonsense is for the realm of science fiction

what shall i be?
pregnant probably, or quiet if you know whats good for you

boys can be astronauts doctors and quarterbacks
sorry girls

the challenge in this game is to make sense
out of the mormon religion and to find out
who the real father of the youngest child is

if i was constantly insulted by the people who stole my land
i'd go on a warpath of my own

a staggering amount of board games at
bored game geek