Thursday, March 30, 2006


little known fact that Jack Russell had other breeds of animals other than the Jack Russell Terrier
there was the Jack Russell Burrowing Owl
the Jack Russell Spotted Hydra
the Jack Russell Red Tailed Leopard
the Jack Russell Pygmy Pig
the Jack Russell Regular Pig
the Jack Russell Giant Pygmy Pig

There was also a Kurt Russell Terrier, i wonder what ever happened to that?'s gallery is full of buffoons who take photos of blobbies and think its bigfoot
click to see a larger version of absolutely nothing hiding in the woods

a skit from Little Britain

swissmiss has a nice blog with a tonne of cool links
these are ones i lifted from her

coloured bubbles
what you don't like coloured bubbles? racialist!

i know what i am getting my son