Tuesday, June 27, 2006

i am part giant crab

i hate trees

these starlings also hate trees and try and take them down, craziness

Pluvialis is a falconer and trains her falcons to steal peoples wallets and car keys

A snake with the ability to change its colour has been found in the rainforested heart of Borneo.

i have immediatley my research assistants to capture some to cross breed them with my Glowbra (glow in the dark cobra) army
(with fist a shakin) you'll all pay one day!!

be sure to check the Global Lake Monster Database for blurry photos and drunken accounts and drug induced visions of lake monsters

this photo is of a typical Mormon dwelling
mormons live in such mounds for protection against badgers, hawks and baptists

now please waste your time watching this episode of family guy