Thursday, February 01, 2007

robot sub-marine

in honour of Black History Month here is some free music
Deep River of Song: Black Texicans

Deep River of Song: African-American field recordings made for the Library of Congress from 1933 to 1946, a transformative period when black singers of the South and the Caribbean created a new musical language and thousands of brilliant songs that would captivate people throughout the world. Black Texicans: Historic 1930s field recordings document African-American life on the Texas frontier -- black cowboy songs, work, minstrel, and play party songs, "eephing," and virtuoso harmonica playing. These performances by Lead Belly, Henry Truvillion, Moses "Clear Rock" Platt, and many others call up the open, the prairie, and the immutable desert, as well as the days of minstrel and medicine shows. Twenty-two of the album's 29 songs are previously unissued.

i saw this on the way to work today
this is a photograph
i took it
it's real

and this is what you look like