Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Suddenly Sudan

I'm almost bored of arcade fire,
one more listen and that'll be it until there next album.
I like it at first but then after 10 listens I get bored.
It has the shelf life of a very ripe organic russett pear.

I cannot get bored of Amon Amarth though.

Synchronized headbanging viking obsessed Swedish speed metal.
Their latest album With Oden on Our Side rules.
Dload it and if you like it buy it

If you do not like it then you need to re-evaluate your life and make adjustments to accomodate.

Johnny Maelstrom suggested i listen to fox tirade and then he told me he made them up
he can dive up to 20 metres, but the squid tell me he should go deeper,

they have hidden motives

I see a doctor today about my (cough) procedure....
so that i don't have any more kids...

i hurt a little just thinking about it
it won't be as painful an 27 hours of unmedicated back labour says my wife.
but it is still a knife to the sack,
But i may get Jell-o

ultimate warrior is insane