Thursday, August 25, 2005

bootleg toys and water blobbies

a gallery of bootleg toys
these are better than the legit ones
this one looks like yer mom

i find most sci fi magazine to be true and accurate
octopi really do intend to kill us all
i can't say we dont deserve it

would you like to scale a large building in a single bound?

not nearly as much as i do
PowerQuick personal lifting device
can raise or lower a load of up to 145 kg (320 lb) at the rate of one meter per second and they have a craptastic website

the man can't catch me if i have one of these
fuck the man
the man that hold me back, steals my stuff

Campers at Ewing Park in Angelina County Texas have been noticing something strange floating in the lake - clumps of jelly-like substances that come in all shapes and sizes.

anything that scare texas campers is ok by me
i'd send it money if it had an address