Wednesday, June 28, 2006


me in the morning

me at work

all you need to be a cryptozoologist is this
1 shitty camera, (preferably with grease on the lense)

1-2 shaky hand(s)
0 job
stand at least 700 metres from subject and take a photo
run like hell! run dammit run!!
later on draw the outline of the creature and show it off to your friends

thats it
that's how i became the world's leading cryptozoologist

want to read the truth?
check out
not only did humans co-exist with dinosaurs according to the bible, (which isnt in the bible by the way) but dinosaurs are still alive today, you know like t-rex's and pteradons

some exerpts
The Bible says that Noah took pterosaurs on the ark and if they got on the ark then they got off the ark. If they were living 4,400 years ago, then some might have managed to reproduce and have survived to this day.

Noah’s Flood was a global event and all the dinosaurs that were not in Noah’s Ark, got buried under tons of rock and sediment in just a few weeks.

actually its all true
i have photographic evidence