Friday, February 23, 2007


Camera Obscura - Let's Get Out Of This Country
this album is good
they remind me of The Sundays, who are also good

Hawaii's Popular Songs: Unforgettables 1920-30
this is also good (fixed link)
winter is a good time to listen to hawaiian music

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


This song is sung by a Seak and Spell

everything i do and say is very important
what stupid hats they wear!

this is a scene from the bible


yesterday i climbed to the top of three mountains
on the third mountain, at the very top, i met a wizard
and he hit me on the head with his magic sceptre and
i then had the ability to fly, but i didn't
instead i ventured to the deepest ocean to find things
that are marvelous and delicious
here are some
i took photos of them before i ate them

no this is not me
A Toronto man whose giant, loose cobra forced the evacuation of a rooming house also kept a huge viper in his living room and a third venomous snake in his locker at work.

i don't have cobras
i have glowbras
they are glow in the dark cobras

Monday, February 19, 2007

give me stuff

not many things are as good as Indian Thriller
which is of course where michael jackson stole the idea from

fat Indian Superman is pretty good too

MONTREAL — As real-estate listings go, this one is out of this world. A property is on sale in Quebec for a cool $2.95-million, and it even comes with its own flying saucer.

UFOland, home of the white-robed prophet known as Rael, head of the Raelians is for sale for $2.95 million
110 hectares of campgrounds, lakes, an amphitheatre, office a condominium building in the shape of a spaceship.
Raelians claimed they cloned a human in 2002 although never proved it

they beleive this
On the 13th of December 1973, French journalist Rael was contacted by a visitor from another planet, and asked to establish an Embassy to welcome these people back to Earth.

He told Rael that:

"We were the ones who designed all life on earth"
"You mistook us for gods"
"We were at the origin of your main religions"
"Now that you are mature enough to understand this,we would like to enter official contact through an embassy"

their website is pretty funny
they are also batshit crazy

Friday, February 16, 2007


who else is cool enough to put the entire Blue Hawaii
soundtrack online for your listening pleasure?
No one that's who

1. Blue Hawaii
2. Almost Always
3. Aloha Oe
4. No More
5. Can't Help Falling In Love
6. Rock-A-Hula-Baby
7. Moonlight Swim
8. Ku-U-I-Po
9. Ito Eats
10. Slicin' Sand
11. Hawaiian Sunset
12. Beach Boy Blues
13. Island Of Love
14. Hawaiian Wedding Song
15. Steppin' Out Of Line
16. Can't Help Falling In Love (Movie Version)
17. Slicin' Sand (Alternate Take 4)
18. No More (Alternate Take 7)
19. Rock-A-Hula-Baby (Alternate Take 1)
20. Beach Boy Blues (Movie Version)
21. Steppin' Out Of Line (Movie Version)
22. Blue Hawaii (Alternate Take 3)

also this is still the greatest song/video of all time

Thursday, February 15, 2007


remote control lawnmowers are cool

i don't understand growing grass in the first place, plant it, water it, cut it and throw it away
makes no sense and way too much work
attach a RC potato gun/ flamethrower in this thing then i might reconsider

i broke into butchdingo's place to steal back my Stryper cd collection and i found these in his family photo album
you may ask yourself how he had an animated gif in his photo album, but some things remain a mystery in this world


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

snow what

lots of snow in toronto
this is a photo of my front yard

i measure snow by the trailor load

i just turned into a crocodile


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

bugger off

these fish make a tasty dish

i sometimes feel bad for the modern chinese secret makers
they are always overshadowed by the ancient chinese secrets

The Science of Godzilla

some free music
cuz i am swell
Ralph Stanley - Let's go to the fair
The Real Mckenzies - Ale is Dear

Friday, February 09, 2007



Thursday, February 08, 2007

Russian fishermen catch alien monster

Village residents from the Rostov region of Russia caught a weird alien fish that made squeaks. The filmed it with a cell phone camera
i just uploaded the video on youtube so it may not show up right away

then they ate it and said it was delicious
all according to
pravda is russian for truth
i believe it is none other than the fabled Sea Bishop

tasty tasty sea bishop

i tend to leave my little meebo messenger thing on at work, so it appears like i am online and ignoring you
but i am not

I think you should have 250 megs of scram

oh and thank you very much to the lazy fuckwads at the ttc for making me late

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Troy Hurtubise, famous for his bear-proof suits, recently made headlines for developing a Halo-inspired anti-ballistic suit. After spending $15,000 and several years developing the suit, Hurtubise had hoped to sell the design to some military hoping to protect its troops in hostile situations. Now facing financial ruin, Grizzly Man Troy was forced to put the Halo suit, dubbed the Trojan, up for sale on Ebay. The auction is currently sitting at $1,000 with no bids
it also has a cock clock
watch the video

this guy fuckin rules
i hate the canadian military for not buying this

butchdingo is going to like this


Tuesday, February 06, 2007


i'm busy
i blame you
thousands of new species of molluscs and crustaceans around a Philippine island.
including a baby giant crab monster


Monday, February 05, 2007


i don't have to post anything

Thursday, February 01, 2007

robot sub-marine

in honour of Black History Month here is some free music
Deep River of Song: Black Texicans

Deep River of Song: African-American field recordings made for the Library of Congress from 1933 to 1946, a transformative period when black singers of the South and the Caribbean created a new musical language and thousands of brilliant songs that would captivate people throughout the world. Black Texicans: Historic 1930s field recordings document African-American life on the Texas frontier -- black cowboy songs, work, minstrel, and play party songs, "eephing," and virtuoso harmonica playing. These performances by Lead Belly, Henry Truvillion, Moses "Clear Rock" Platt, and many others call up the open, the prairie, and the immutable desert, as well as the days of minstrel and medicine shows. Twenty-two of the album's 29 songs are previously unissued.

i saw this on the way to work today
this is a photograph
i took it
it's real

and this is what you look like


someone has a sexy new imac
it rules

this is from this article called I won't be happy until i lose my legs

I was six when I first became aware of my desire to lose my legs. I don't remember what started it - there was no specific trigger. Most people want to change something about themselves, and the image I have of myself has always been one without legs

you should eat 10 of these at once